Why First Impressions Count

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It has been said that you create an impression on someone within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. These first impressions can have a lasting impact on how you are viewed as a potential employee – making this time crucial for your future success.

Interviews are a nerve-racking experience, and with the added stress of things going wrong, such as delayed trains, you can easily have your confidence knocked with a loss of concentration. This can give off a bad first impression to your new potential employer.

Here at Adore, we have comprised a list of recommendations that we suggest you follow in order to ensure you give a great first impression…

1. Dress to impress

Hiring managers will form an immediate opinion of you based on how you are dressed and how you present yourself. If your appearance is scruffy and unkempt, aspects of laziness will be associated with your character.

It may be an idea to consider looking into the company’s website to understand more about the type of business that they are, to give you an idea of what to wear. Not every employer is the same, so knowing what type of culture they have will give you a step ahead of others in the running.

2. Don’t be late for an important date

Timing is key. Even being five minutes late can show a lack of commitment to the role you are after. There is nothing worse than turning up to an interview late and without a good explanation. Being late shows the employer your lack of organisation and respect. Being late can see you being dismissed even before the interview has taken place.

Avoid being late by setting alarms and arriving 15 minutes before the interview start time. As well as this, ensure that you leave with plenty of time – taking into consideration the traffic and other means of travel.

3. Preparation is key!

You should never turn up to a job interview without the appropriate preparation – not being ready for a job interview again shows carelessness and a lack of interest.

There are some questions that are very popular among employers when screening potential candidates. By preparing confident answers to some of the more common interview questions you can really impress the interviewer as well as give yourself an advantage over other candidates.

4. Know your stuff

You can reinforce a good impression by being prepared for the interview. It’s a good idea to research the company before hand, including any recent press or news coverage to emphasise your interest in working for them.

Prepare questions ready to ask and impress your interviewers with, this is vital to give a good first impression. However, problems can often be unavoidable, so being prepared for things to go wrong is also important. The ability to move on and do your best despite these issues can show your potential to the employer.

By following the above tips you can achieve a great first interview impression that will help set you up for success.


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