Wincanton’s Growth


Wincanton, Britain’s largest logistics firm, has revealed that it has adopted the use  of five Daimler Trucks’ FUSO eCanter vehicles. This takeover will make Wincanton the first UK 3PL to introduce production-level electric vehicles to its convoy.

This announcement comes after Daimler Trucks’ handover of the world’s first all-electric light-duty truck from series production, to UK customers.

The vehicles will be deployed by Wincanton on trail for inner city logistics, as the challenges of carbon emissions, noise and congestion are higher in these areas. The overall aim for Wincanton is for the vehicles to be rolled out as part of its home delivery fleet.

The CEO of Wincanton, Adrian Colman, stated:

“As the largest British Logistics business, we’re delighted to be the first 3PL to introduce these vehicles to our fleet, and bring this game-changing technology to the towns and cities of this country. The environmental challenges of delivery in urban areas, particularly in ‘the last mile’, are significant and growing. As a business we are committed to addressing these issues, to find cost-effective and sustainable solutions for our customers.

The introduction of production-level electric vehicles to our fleet means we can operate more efficiently, more quietly and without locally emitted CO2. When we’re delivering in towns and cities, we know that this really does matter, right down to the doorstep. These vehicles are a key part of our innovation roadmap, and our growth plan for the future of urban distribution transport at Wincanton.”

We hope to see more growth in companies using electric vehicles, exploring innovation in the world of sustainability.

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