According to CPL (2020) over 70% of jobseekers have applied for jobs that they don’t have the qualifications for. Our Adore consultants filter out these candidates so employers are not wasting time going through CV’s or interviews with candidates who do not have the skills they’re looking for.

  1. Advertisement

Employers that advertise vacancies themselves may not receive applications from experienced candidates simply due to the lack of reach and marketing. Our Adore social media/marketing specialist creates impressive adverts with really engaging job descriptions that really showcase the company and values. These adverts are placed on top job boards such as Indeed and CV library, reaching high-quality candidates with all the skills the employer is looking for.

  1. Interview candidates

We can help employers save time by screening candidates over the phone to narrow down unsuitable candidates. This will save them money as they are less likely to hire the wrong person and invest in a candidate that needs to be replaced.

  1. Negotiation

An employer who is independently recruiting doesn’t want to get to the end of the recruitment process and find out that their preferred top candidate is worlds apart from them on salary and benefits. Our consultants at Adore have insight expertise and can help employers benchmark salary against other competitors in their industry. We can help both parties (employer and candidate) come to an agreement.

  1. Interim professionals

We can help find employers emergency cover for absent employees, who are ill, on maternity leave or have left at short notice.

Adore is a cost-effective, client-focussed recruitment agency. Our sector-specific experts provide a full range of services to fill permanent, contract and temporary positions, so that companies can drive success with the best talent possible.

‘Because success requires talent, and talent deserves opportunity.’

 If you need help with the recruitment process then please email or call us on 01268 971 950.