1. Quantify your achievements
– Measuring your performance is an effective way to highlight your accomplishments in prior positions.

2. Include online & continuous learning
– Make sure any online courses you have successfully completed are on your CV.

3. Cut out any irrelevant information
– Get rid of any information that isn’t needed, make room for important details.

4. Back up your skills with examples
– For example if you have said one of your skills is problem solving, give a work related example of where you have solved a problem.

5. Use Keywords
– They are the abilities, skills, expertise, and values that the recruiter is looking for.

6. Make it attractive
– Make sure the Font style is the same and your CV has a clear structure so it is easy to read.

These improvements will help make your CV stand out and is the starting point to getting the job.

Cover letter tips? Click the link below

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