1. Evaluate

 Make sure you reflect on the interview. Take notes on what went well and what could of gone better. You can then make improvements for your next interview. Also, take notes of any further questions you need to ask or anything to address.

 2. Contact

 Get in touch with your references so they are aware and prepared for the employer to potentially contact them.

3. Follow Up 

 Send a follow up email to the employer thanking them for the opportunity and also address any issues you have that you noted down after the interview. 

 4. Carry On 

Lastly, it’s important to carry on job searching. Don’t just wait around to hear back for that one position you applied for, keep applying for other jobs. Even if you think you had a good interview there is no guarantee of a job offer. Also, you might find another job that’s more fitting to you or you could get a better offer. 


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